Why did I decide to start sharing my life?

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My husband has been telling me for years to start a blog.  Who has time for that?  Why would I want to do that?  Who wants to read about what I do?  I recently had a friend who I adore and respect tell me the same.  Sorry babe, she somehow got through to me.  I just figured you were biased.  So back to my friend-she told me that I really needed to share all that we do with health and nutrition and how we incorporate that into our kids’ lives.  It is already my mission in life to help others on their journey to better health and wellness so why not create this page as another reference for those wanting to know what we do and recipes we use?  Not to mention, I love to sew and paint, so why not record the processes from start to finish for others to learn?  So anyway, here I am…still wondering if anyone will really care but atleast I know my children will enjoy looking back at all I have captured from their childhood!

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