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My favorite meal of the day!!!!!  I seriously LOVE breakfast.  It helps that I have a little one still that loves sweet potatoes (and specifically asks for them every morning) so we are having to prepare sweet potatoes weekly.  If you have never had sweet potatoes for breakfast, you should try them!  They are delicious with eggs and sausage.  Even some restaurants will sub out your regular potatoes for sweet potatoes as a side or as part of a hash.  So yummy.  If I don’t have this as the first meal of the day, you can guarantee I will have it at some point in the day.  I actually get excited when I realize I haven’t had it yet, bc it is a quick and easy meal that keeps you full for hours!


The days that I don’t have eggs, sweet potato, and turkey sausage, I am having steel cut oats.  I go to the gym 5 days a week (give or take) and if I know we are having a heavy lifting day, I will ensure to have more carbs (energy).  I choose steel cut over old-fashioned oats bc they take longer for your body to break down, therefore more calories burned and you are held over longer due to the speed in which your body breaks it down.  For added protein, I cook my oats w/bone broth.  When it is done cooking, I will add in chia seeds, dried coconut, apple/blueberries/strawberries (whichever I have on hand-cooking the apple with the sausage adds an unbelievable sweetness) and for added protein, I have a side of chicken or turkey sausage.  Actually I add it into the oatmeal and it makes a goetta-like breakfast.  Seriously, to die for!


I stopped buying cereal a year or so ago.  Actually, I had stopped buying cow’s milk a year or so prior to that and realized that the only reason I was buying milk was to drink w/oreos (don’t get me started) or cereal.  The kids just weren’t eating it much then and I finally realized they can’t eat what I don’t buy anyway…so they’re go to breakfasts are:





I’ve got one that won’t eat eggs.  We continue to make him try them bc I know eventually he will like them.  I cook the kid’s oatmeal just like I cook my own but without the bone broth bc they don’t like that flavor.  We only buy Greek Yogurt.  All other yogurts in my opinion are basically a dessert w/the amount of sugar contained in them.  Finally, toast-one of their favorites.  We buy gluten-free bread bc it is the only bread that you can fully pronounce and recognize the ingredients and slather it with coconut oil, peanut butter and apples or bananas.


So many of these meals I have mentioned are absolutely interchangeable throughout our days.  So when the kids ask for one of these at dinner time and I’m not necessarily prepared, I 100% give in bc I guarantee that it is better for them than the alternative.

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