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Dinner used to be my hardest meal of the day.  I’m just not a fan of big meals.  I’m not a fan of ‘dinner food’.  Why can’t we just have breakfast or lunch food for dinner?  Or better yet, can’t we just have another snack?  (I’m a HUGE believer in snacks-but that’s another blog post.)  This was obviously a personal problem for me that I had to overcome in a couple different ways.  #1, YES-Let’s have eggs for dinner!  Oh, you just want cottage cheese and pineapple for dinner?  OKAY-Let’s do it!  I found that I was stressing for no reason.  I realized this when my husband would go out of town.  Dinner would be so easy.  I couldn’t put my finger on why.  He’s the most laid back guy ever.  He has never been the type to expect dinner on the table when he got home from work.  I realized though, that I put that pressure on myself.  So weird.  Why after 13+ years of marriage did I feel I still had to impress him in that way?  Silly!


The other factor I finally realized I had to fix was just being prepared.  It’s not that I minded cooking really, but I surely didn’t want to have to THINK.  Come 5pm, I’m tapped out.  My husband is seriously the best and helped me come up with a solution.  Together with the kids, we came up w/20 or so meals that the majority like (you can never please everybody).  We got index cards and each index card had a dinner listed w/all the ingredients needed to make the dinner.  I then gave the kids crayons and markers and had them draw the dinner since I knew not everyone would be able to read the index card.  Side note-many dinners are still not recognizable by the drawing.  Ha!  The kids still had fun.  So now, every week (if we are good and organized, this happens on Sunday) we do a ‘Pick a card…any card!!!’ game.  Each kid gets an index card and we post it on our ‘Dinners’ Board for the week.  This way, the kids still feel involved even though I’m not giving them the ability to pick pizza or chicken nuggets every week.  But mainly, this method is for my sanity.  I just don’t want to think.  I just don’t want to decide.  It doesn’t matter if I’m not in the mood for fajitas bc its on the list and I have to make them.  And I’m always cool with it when I’m eating bc it always tastes great!


I’ve just made myself very hungry so enough for now!  Happy dinner preparedness!

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