Service Includes
Wellness Consult 3 month


This option is best suited for the person who has unresolved health issues, chronic conditions or multiple symptoms and diagnosis who needs long term support and accountability.


This service includes an extensive food and lifestyle review, a one-hour consult each month, unlimited email support and written recommendations and resources to help the client reach their goals.
Wellness Consult one time


This option is best for the person who just wants to fine tune their existing health program and is motivated to make change without support


This service includes a food and lifestyle review, a one-hour consult and written recommendations and resources. Note: This does not include unlimited communication after consult.
Brainstorm Session


This option is for anyone who is not interested in an extensive review but would like to discuss ongoing health issues or ways to improve existing methods of self-care.


Includes a brief intake and a one-hour consult plus emailed resources.
Group Talks


This option is for groups of 15 or less and are given at your specified location (home or business)

This service includes a 60-minute talk on the subject of your choice plus a 30-minute Q and A. Each attendee receives a guide to eating whole food (to include shopping guides), a guide on better sleep and 10% off any future health coach services.


Grocery Store Walk-Through This service includes a one-hour consult at a grocery store geared towards explanation of whole foods, what is best and where to find them.