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Pasta Journey

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It’s always a journey.  I feel like I’m always learning more and growing.  You don’t know what you don’t know so stay open-minded.  Here’s a quick summary of our journey through the phases of becoming healthier w/pasta.


15 years ago we were eating white pasta and we’d even have garlic bread w/our spaghetti

10 years ago we switched to whole grain and dropped the garlic bread

2 years ago I learned more what ‘enriched’ meant and paid closer attention to the ingredients-even researched what gluten was and how it was affecting us.

A year ago we started experimenting w/spaghetti squash.  It hasn’t replaced our pasta but we now enjoy other meals with it.

Currently I have purchased my first spiralizer and I’m excited with what all we will create.


We have slowly made more and more improvements to the food that we eat.  Spaghetti used to be a weekly meal (with garlic bread).  Now the kids eat edamame beans w/their spaghetti and it might be an every 3 week meal.


Skyline is a local favorite in our city.  It is a meat based chili over pasta covered in cheddar cheese.  The kids love it.  However, we rarely (Maybe 1x a year) eat it at the restaurant but instead make it at home w/our own ingredients.  We know the meat that is in it.  We shred our own cheese and cook multi-grain pasta.  We can’t be perfect.  We can only do our best.


Our future hopefully will involve growing our own garden and making our own sauce.  In the meantime…we do our best.

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