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Shredded Cheese-It’s Not All Created Equal

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A couple years ago I was at a local swimming pool talking to my kiddos swim lessons instructor about health and wellness.  We had a lot of common ground and 1/2 way into the conversation she said, ‘I’m sure you don’t buy bagged cheese…’  I laughed, not entirely knowing what she was talking about, in the meantime I’m thinking, ‘DANG!  What’s wrong with bagged cheese?!’  It was just something I had never given much thought to.  Well, I couldn’t wait to get home and start researching.

Have you ever wondered why your packaged cheese seemed to be covered in a fine layer of dust?  Hmmmm…

3 Reasons to shred your own cheese:

  1. It’s cheaper!
  2. You can avoid consuming unnecessary additives!
  3. It tastes better!!!

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